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free guide to finding and funding a care home

Finding the right care home for youself, or for an elderly relative, can be daunting.  There are so many considerations to take into account.  And then, as well as finding the the home that best suits your needs, you will also need to think about how to fund it.

This impartial booklet, written by the personal finance experts at the Observer and the Guardian, is the ideal place to start. 

It will take no more than an hour to read but it contains a wealth of advice, contacts and useful addresses.  Starting with the first steps, such as thinking through your own preferences and understanding your legal rights, it goes on to explain how to find the home that's right for you - it even includes a list of questions to ask when you visit potential homes.  And finally it explains what it all costs and how to go about financing it.

It's all free and available as a downloadable pdf - just follow the instructions below.

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